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3 Pests That Can Get Into Your Restaurant

3 Pests That Can Get Into Your Restaurant

Thousands of restaurants undergo health inspections every year to ensure they are free of pests. Typically, 20 percent of the health inspection focuses on pest control. To make sure you get a good result on your health inspection, keep an eye out for these three common restaurant pests.

Most rodents, such as mice and rats, are a terrible pest to have in any building, but especially your restaurant. Regardless of what food you have in your kitchens, rodents will be your number one returning customer. Your restaurant is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for these pests.

They can wreak havoc in your pantries or storage space. Because of their sharp teeth, mice and rats often gnaw through bags and boxes. In addition to destroying your storage containers and the walls in your restaurant, rodents also carry many different diseases.

It is because of these pests that many restaurants across the country are closed each year. Keep an eye out for and take preventative measures to prevent rodent infestations.

Regardless of how dedicated a manager or owner is at preventing flies from entering their restaurant, they are bound to find a way in. Whether they got in through the front door or hitched a ride in your fresh produce, flies are a common pest in restaurants.

The best way to mitigate a fly infestation is to keep unnecessary exits closed, empty the garbage cans and dumpsters regularly, and set traps in strategic locations throughout your property.

If you have tried all of those techniques and still end up with a fly infestation, know you not the only one. Contact Pest Control Services, and well take care of it.

These disgusting, six-legged insects will startle most anyone when they scurry across their path. Its even worse when these insects are in your restaurant because they spread diseases everywhere. Cockroaches are the garbage disposals of the insect world.

Even though they are omnivores, cockroaches eat anything that organic. For example, they would consider dead plants, glue and human hair as their main course. Because these pests are the least picky eaters on the planet, it a good idea to prevent them from pest control service Abu Dhabi invading your restaurant

If you own or manage a restaurant, you should always stay on top of keeping all areas clean and tidy. Schedule regular pest control services to ensure that you will always pass your health inspections. Our staff at western pest controls will take care of all your pesky pest problems.

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