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Best Ways to Get Rid Of Cockroach

Best Ways to Get Rid Of cockroach

Managing cockroaches in your house is an upsetting experience. These pests are messy, infect food and surfaces with dung, and can carry diseases and cause asthma and dermatitis. To complicate the situation, they spread effectively and can promptly slip into your luggage on an excursion, and they reproduce rapidly so a single cockroach can turn into a pervasion rapidly.

Cockroaches are flexible and are hard to dispose of. Locally acquired chemicals aren’t sufficient and numerous individuals don’t utilize them properly, wasting time and money and not getting rid of the issue.

Top reasons why we are the best in cockroach control!

We use Eco-friendly chemical which is non-toxic and health dept. approved.

We know the reproductive behaviour of all cockroaches in our city and around and we are able to use special extermination methods to completely eliminate all cockroaches and their offspring from your commercial or residential property.

Our certified and highly knowledgeable cockroach exterminators will give you advice on what you need to do in order to prevent any future cockroach infestations.

The cleaner the infested areas the better chance of success any treatment will have. Clean under and in cookers, fridges etc. All areas up and down (cockroaches can climb) need to be cleaned and degreased thoroughly. Contact your neighbours or any building connected to yours to see if they have a problem. Treatments of large communal type buildings will only work if the whole building is treated at the same time.


The cockroach infestation will have been baited using a bait called Bayer cockroach gel Bait which contains Indoxacarb or treated with one of the following insecticide sprays: Demand CS’* which contains Lambda-cyhalothrin, Ficam W which contains 80% Bendiocarb w/w or K-Othrine which contains Deltamethrin. Also, a powder might be used called Ficam D*. This contains an insecticide in a dust formulation @ 1% w/w Bendiocarb. All insecticides are biodegradable, almost odourless, non-tainting & do not corrode or stain.

In some instances, such as heavy infestations, infestations spreading from neighbouring properties, or unclean surfaces, more than one spray or bait treatment will be needed for complete control. In some cases, it may be necessary to spray or bait on a monthly basis until the infestation is eradicated, especially in shared, communal or multi-occupancy buildings.

Western Pest Control service, Abu Dhabi, is ranked amongst the renowned organizations, engaged to provide the best cockroach pest control service. Offered service is widely demanded by our clients owing to its high reliability and perfect execution. This service is carried out under the supervision of our experts using modern techniques. Our professionals check all the steps related to this service and execute it in an excellent manner. Further, the provided service can be availed for our esteemed clients at market leading prices.


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